Source :_Data Background Report - December 2003

Primarily, the Regional Tourism Associations would relate the industry’s concerns,
in relation to marketing, transportation and infrastructure, to the respective Government Entities.
Government financial support, flows to these organizations;
however, its role to improve the industry has changed over time

A stakeholders’ inner circle fashioned within these associations,
advocates a choosy commerce.
The membership fees are compulsory in exchange for address listings.

The Regional Tourism Associations’ fundamental role to improve the Tourism Industry
appears to be lost in its tracks. Its transformation is found in a crowded landscape
of aggressive money-making membership marketers
engaged in perpetual reproductions of yet another, in different colors, "address list exercise".

Government’s Financial Support/Taxpayers Monies to these Associations has not changed
while Statistical Data indicate the deficiencies.

Source:Data Socio-Economic Base Case - March 2004

Socio-Economic Summary - November 2004

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