10 year charts (in 000s)

Chart 1

Overall Ten Year performance is limping.
While Revenues increase by 14.9%.(17,684/20,770)
Hotels / Motels reports are stagnant and/or in a down trend.
"Other Tourism Facilities" is a Non-Specified Sector(s) on the rise.

Properties point up 8% from a total 89 to 97.
Hotel data is stagnant: Revenues (9,820/10,391) Properties (26/25) Rooms(1,015/1,091).
Motel records are in a down trend: Revenues (6,486/5,479) Properties (34/30) Rooms(921/753).
*Other Tourism Facilities boost 71.9% ( 1,378 to 4,909)

Room Numbers decline 1.36% ( 2,270 to 2,234).
Question is "Did Room Revenues in the North Coast sink further with the Queen of the North Ferry?".

* "Other Tourism Facilities" is added to complete the differences in the figures shown.
(Example: Year 2005 Total Revenues for BC North Coast show 20,779 with
Hotels at 10,391 / Motels at 5,479 leaving a difference of 4,909)
(May indicate B&Bs, Camping and/or other Room facilities and Services).
The particulars are not available.
For the Fibonacci Chart Experts: Visible Down Trend Ratios in place.

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Sources: Data Province British Columbia Statistics

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